WapSync specializes in developing products for the transportation industry with a main priority of maintaining safe and efficient transportation systems. It is becoming increasingly important for communities to effectively manage daily traffic while maintaining safety and proactively planning to accommodate future growth.

In 2019, Wapsync acquired the totality of Wapiti Micro Systems assets to assure the continuity of this ongoing success stroy.  Our sustained efforts in developping and support these solutions is contributing to the reliability of these products.

Since 1982, Wapiti Micro Systems softwares have been a leader in the traffic industry and has continued to grow not only in North America, but all over the world. Our software is being used in China, Russia, South America, Central America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Our controller software operates in 170, 170-HC11, 2070, 170 Smartcard, SBC and ATC controllers. Our system software includes Advanced Closed Loop management software, Central System software, Traffic Adaptive Software, NTCIP, Pocket PC software, and Ramp Metering software. Our development includes advanced traffic products such as GPS, Time Clocks, HAWK controllers, and Emergency Vehicle Preemption systems.

Our Engineering services include system monitoring and management, traffic studies, system design and maintenance, traffic counting, intersection analysis and design, traffic calming studies, system timing and analysis, simulation and optimization studies, and emergency preemption design. We can also create custom software and hardware.

Our mission is not only to provide superior products, but to also provide superior solutions.